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Subtle Patterns

Sometime ago I’ve written a small post listing some of the websites I use for background patterns, it was a very successful post, even today I get a lot of hits on that page. I guess patterns for website backgrounds is one of those useful things that you just can’t have enough, be it for your own small personal page / blog or for your projects.
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Google Fonts API


Google announced a couple of days ago the released of a new service called Google Font API. If you have designed a Website and tried to incorporate custom fonts into your design you know how tricky that can be.
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Icons: MediaLoot 3D Free Icons

Media Loot 3D Iconset

Media Loot 3D Icon set is a gorgeous collection of 3D like Icons with vibrant colors and an amazing attention to detail.
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Improving Notepad++ into the perfect IDE

Improving Notepad++

Whether you you’re a programmer or simply an enthusiast having a good Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is fundamental. Why is that? Well if programming is part of your work as with any task on life you want it done quickly and painless, a good IDE helps you achieve exactly that.
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Vector Social Media Icons

IconDock released a new set of Social Media Icons in several formats, including a vector one.
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