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Subtle Patterns

Sometime ago I’ve written a small post listing some of the websites I use for background patterns, it was a very successful post, even today I get a lot of hits on that page. I guess patterns for website backgrounds is one of those useful things that you just can’t have enough, be it for your own small personal page / blog or for your projects.
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Is WordPress Killing Web Design?

Webdesign Tuts+ has a nice article regarding SXSW and the subject Is WordPress Killing Web Design? What’s your thoughts on the subject? I’ve done my fair share part of WordPress designs and I do understand the question and it’s quite pertinent but I don’t agree with it. I don’t consider myself a designer, just a coder who likes design and beautiful things (who doesn’t?) but I do think the tools don’t make the artist and at the bottom line WordPress is just a tool to simplify the implementation of dynamic website (is there still static html webpages in the 21st century?).
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Why I like dark designs more

Dark Designs

Some years ago it would be hard to find dark designed websites, almost all known websites were designed in bright colors. You would need to go to the beggings of the Internet to find dark web pages with that 90’s crappy look. But when the web started shifting from the frontpage designed webpages to actually thought and pro designed ones, the era of the dark websites ended to pave the road to the bright colors. Read more…

Google Fonts API


Google announced a couple of days ago the released of a new service called Google Font API. If you have designed a Website and tried to incorporate custom fonts into your design you know how tricky that can be.
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Display your WordPress blog Statistics

WordPress Recent-Comments Without a Plugin

One of the things I wanted to implement in my new website theme, was the display of the blog statistics. After the code snippet to display recent comments without a plugin, I really wanted to give something new to my footer.
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