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How to: Recent Comments without Plugin

In the ongoing creation process of the new Paintbits theme (Lumen v2), I was researching a way to implement some functionality to my footer, but without the use of plugins. One of the features I want displayed in it it’s some recent comments by the users. I found some solutions, but none satisfied my needs completely.
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WordPress: Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

WordPress is the tool of use of an increasing number of people, be it a developer, clients or just blog enthusiasts. If you fall into one of this categories you should think in optimization your WordPress experience. One way to do that is insert more functionalities into your website / blog. You should be thinking by now – Widgets! Well, widgets are one of the ways to achieve that, but do we really want to depend on widgets to implement all the features on our blog? You can, but you shouldn’t. It’s pretty obvious that after a certain amount of widgets you will see the loading time of your website increase accordingly.
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Updating WordPress…

To version 2.81, so beware a lot of stuff might be broken or just ugly!

Transition went right but I think it’s time to abandon K2 Engine and do a new Theme from scratch! Yes, it’s time do do a major overhaul to the website. :)

EDIT - In the meanwhile I might use an allready made theme an tweak it a bit till I do something on my own… once I find the time!

EDIT 2 – Ok, a bit better by now. There’s a ton of broken images, Links page not working, but I’ll work on that a bit later. :)

EDIT 3 – Manage to put my old home design theme working. Problem is the customization of the Widgets that K2 doesn’t support anymore are kinda gone. Anyway gives me more time to build a brand new theme. :-P

WordPress Plugin: WP Clickmap

Wordpress Clickmap Plugin

WordPress Clickmap is an interesting plugin to complement the analysis of your blog statistics. While tools like Google Analytics or even WordPress.com Stats offer you a discrimination of your website statistics it doesn’t give you visual feedback of the “hottest” spots on your website. Well, this is exactly what WP Clickmap does. It builds an overlay of your most visited pages and show you the location of the clicks it received from your visitors. That gives you a lot of information if you know how to analyze it, at a first look it should give you a clear idea what is more used in your design or any dysfunctional areas (like my title that doesn’t guide you to the main page).
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WordPress Theme: Notepad Chaos

Smashingmagazine released another free WordPress theme called Notepad Chaos, designed by Evan Eckard.

Today we are glad to release Notepad Chaos — a free professional WordPress-theme. The theme has 2 columns, a quite vibrant design including “personal” design elements such as handwritten headings, stick-it-notes, clips and pins. The theme was designed by Evan Eckard especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Notepad Chaos Theme by Smashing Magazine

Notepad Chaos Theme by Smashing Magazine

Details: Notepad Chaos theme has handwritten search box and navigation at the top of the layout. It’s a 2 columns theme with a vibrant illustrated background. It uses no plugins or extras.

Requirements: No special requirements since the theme doesn’t use any plugins or extras.

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