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WordPress Theme: WordPress Fun

Smashingmagazine released yesterday a new free WordPress theme. It’s a professional looking theme with a great design overall.

Today we are glad to release a wordpress.fun — a free professional WordPress-theme. The theme has 2 columns, thumbnails integration, a “featured” post section as well as a nice grungy design. The theme was designed by Maleika Attawel from Germany, purchased by Smashing Magazine and is now released as a gift for our readers.

Wordpress.Fun Theme by Smashing Magazine

Wordpress.Fun Theme by Smashing Magazine

Details: The theme is built with WordPress 2.5.1 and is only partially backwards compatible. The theme also works with WordPress 2.6. As this theme uses a few .png files, it is recommended that you make sure that the image paths to these are correct (for IE6). You find the two CSS rules in the ie.css file inside your theme folder. The theme can be used with or without widgets (below the fold).

Requirements: WordPress 2.5.1 or WordPress 2.6

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Customizing your WordPress Sidebar

Customizing WordPress Sidebar

I’ve had some people asking me how did I customize the right sidebar of my blog, from the RSS Feed link at the top till the categories below. I’m writing this article to try to help you achieve something like I did on Paintbits on your WordPress Blog.

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Building and Customizing your Blog…

Building your WordPress Blog

So… you’ve happen to find my website and started to think about building your own blog? I can understand that… :D Well, now seriously, I’ve had some requests to make a guide on how to build a WordPress blog from scratch, so here I am writing this to you, hoping it will be useful in some way.
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