12 Christmas Wallpapers that don’t suck

Christmas Wallpapers that don't suck

Really… this time of the year all I see are blog posts with lot’s of “A thousand Christmas wallpapers for you”, “Two Hundred Christmas Wallpapers for all the Family” and all that crap. Then you open the post and you find out that the wallpapers have been drawn by 2 years old children or by Rudolph the reindeer itself.

Oh Oh Oh Why?

It’s nice and all to share art, links, wallpapers or whatever you want with your community, with your readers, friends, mum, dad and grandma… But do they really have to feed you a bunch of crappy images? This is not an hate post, this is not a “I do it better than you” post. Doesn’t take much art to link images, nor to select them, it comes to personal taste. I do share the stuff I found through the Internet that I like, but I try put what I find to minimal standards of quality. It’s not about the big number that you put in your title, it’s about the quality, not the quantity. I didn’t do a Christmas Wallpaper post last year. Why? Well… first because I don’t even know if I would use one. Christmas is not something I look upon too much. I do enjoy the time of the year although, who doesn’t like free sockets, money, chocolates and some quality time with their own family? What I don’t like it’s the stress, the cold, the sudden outburst of false joy and happiness and the excessive consumerism, trademark of this time of the year. But I was on the Wallpaper topic, I do stick with what I normally use

My Desktop

With that said, let’s go to what matters…

The not so Oh Oh Oh Wallpapers

1. Snowflakes


2. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

3. Christmas Lighthouse

Christmas Lighthouse

4. Bokeh Holiday

Bokeh Holiday

5. Christmas Volcano

Christmas Volcano

6. Deep Silence

Deep Silence

7. Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park

7. Stars II

Stars II

8. Winter Lake

Winter Lake

9. Tree in the Field

Tree in the Field

10. Winter Wonderland 2

Winter Wonderland 2

11. Winter


12. Santa Hat

Santa Hat

That’s it! More… maybe next year. Now, it’s time to eat and gain extra height so the next year we can try to lose it again. Some old, some old…


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