20 Fantastic Visual Styles for Windows Vista

Windows Vista Visual Styles

Following last week Visual Styles Hunt for Windows XP, this week bring you a selection for another 20 styles but this time for Windows younger Brother, Vista.

Enabling Custom Visual Styles in Vista

In order to use this custom visual styles you will need to perform some modifications on your Windows Installation. If you’ve read my Anatomy of my Desktop post you probably know how to do it by now.

Anyway there are other methods available. One of the most used ones is installing a little program called Vista Glazz.

Vista Glazz Download

The Visual Styles

1. Transblack v1

Transblack FINAL v1

2. neion


3. NV2 Final

NV2 Final

4. TurquoiseVS


5. The Emerald Forest

The Emerald Forest

6. Vista OS X ’09 VS

Vista OS X '09 VS

7. TransblackV2


8. NEXTLevel


9. ProjectX 2

ProjectX 2

10. Smooth


11. SlanXP 3 for VistaBasic

SlanXP Edition3 for VistaBasic

12. GAIA08 for vista

GAIA08 for vista

13. LDTF


14. Satin 2

Satin 2

15. Clearlooks for Vista

Clearlooks for Vista

16. Skulls


17. Leopard 1.0

Leopard 1.0

18. MX for Vista

MX for Vista

19. mnlstk VS

mnlstk VS

20. Innocence



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