20 Great Themes for Linux

20 Great Themes for Linux

I like to fiddle around with Linux quite often. In fact it had permanent residence in my Laptop (till it broke a while ago). Ubuntu is what I usually go for, since it’s one of the friendliest distros out there. In Linux like in any OS that I install one of the first things I do is to change the default look of it. If it’s Windows, specially our old friend XP, there was many things to change in order to make it minimally attractive (I showed you how I did it in my Windows XP Customization Guide). Windows Vista and now 7 on the other hand have a much more modern look, despite the fact that I’m not the biggest Glass look, so changing visual style in Windows Vista was something I regularly did.

Concerning Linux, if you use a distro like Ubuntu you’ll have a decent looking GUI to start with. I’m a fan of dark interfaces (if you haven’t figured that out already by the look of this website), so I prefer the new Ubuntu dark theme. There is a lot of Windows themes compilations, but there is general lack of the same for Linux users, variety is everything, so here I am with another list of themes, this time, for a change, for Linux! Grab a new theme for your Linux OS, a new wallpaper, activate Compiz-Fusion and make your Windows friends jealous.

Linux Themes

1. Khali


2. Zeka mod

Zeka mod

3. Minimum


4. Capriccio


5. Fawn


6. Gaia


7. Vorta Suite

Vorta Suite

8. Kupo Finale

Kupo Finale

9. Fresh Dark Gnome Theme

Fresh Dark Gnome Theme

10. Mira


11. Cole


12. Mire v2

Mire v2

13. Black


14. Calla


15. Shiftie July

Shiftie July

16. Lithium


17. Tuxido


18. Hyo o9o8

Hyo o9o8

19. Espresso


20. Elfin2


More Linux Themes


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