Ballooon Dock Icons

Ballooons Dock Icons

This Icons were made to be used in Docks, like RocketDock, RKlauncer, ObjectDock, etc…

I was searching for a nice Text Dock Icons different from the usual simple Text Ones.

Found this ones Bubble Icons by neodesktop.

Problem was they were for Mac, and didn’t find any Windows Version (PNG format). So decided to make my owns as they are very simple to make. The only boring part is to make 200 hundred of them.
I included the master .PSD so you can make more if It’s missing from the default set.

If you’re looking for a Dock for Windows, I recommend using this RKLauncher Dock Compilation (iVista Leopard).

If I have any mistake on them please leave a comment.

DeviantART Link. You can also find them in my Showcase Section.

Download them here [3.72 MB].



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