Perfecthue Wallpapers

Perfecthue is one of those websites that the first time we see it instantly becomes part of our favourite bookmarks. I’ve posted and featured more than one work from Perfecthue Wallpaper Gallery but had never directly featured the website.

Go to their gallery and check some of the wallpapers, really great work on most of them. The style of the wallpapers totally fits my personal taste, minimalistic abstract high quality wallpapers, perfect for my big screen.

PS – I know It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, the truth is there is much on my “To Do Stack” so had to postpone some stuff, including Paintbits, I’m returning to posting, not as often as before but always that I find something worth to share, being a wallpaper or a link. In the mean time, have fun and keep coming back for news.

Link: PerfectHue


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