My Top 10 Best Wallpapers of 2009

Now that 2009 is over (I wish a good 2010 to everyone, by the way), it’s time to look back and do a small retrospective. Many were the wallpaper releases I posted during the last year. Although all the Wallpapers were part of weekly (sometimes more monthly than weekly) selections, there are always some that shine apart from the others.

Those were the most rotated on my Desktop, and those are now part of the 12 Wallpapers Best of 2009 (without any particular order). It was very hard to choose just 10, my hard disk is full of awesome wallpaper from 2009. Kudos to the artists.

1. Moss

2. Sonnet

3. For A Thousand Years

4. Moot in Session

5. Mackenzie Country

Mackenzie Country

6. Brooklyn Bridge

7. HyperGraf

8. Krump It

9. Rainy Day

10. Paper Swans

That’s it! More next year. Hope you enjoyed it and added something new to your collection.


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