Starcraft 2 Beta Keys Giveaway

I’ve been playing the Starcrat II Beta since a friend invited me in. The game is what a long time fan can expect from it, it’s true to its origins, it introduced more advanced RTS features like ground elevation, bigger group management, better build Interfaces, etc… But in the end it’s the original Starcraft with better graphics and an improved gameplay.

A greater emphasis has been give to too. You’ll see the introduction of elements that will be familiar to you from other games (including World of Warcraft or Diablo) like Achievements, Groups, Ladders, in-game rewards, etc, etc…

But let’s go to business. I just received 2 extra invites and since all my friends are already playing I’m giving them away. How?

How it will Work

Comment bellow and I will Draft (raffle) the 2 Beta Keys between the first 15 comments. I think it’s fairer than just give it to the first 2 comments, gambling is always more fun! There is also another perk. You’ll need to register and I’ll tell you why. If you don’t and just comment there could be some… let’s say, less legit moves involved! So game on! So if you’re not logged on you won’t have an e-mail associated so you won’t receive the key. I will send it directly to the winners e-mail. I’ll print a screenshot of the “Draft”. Take into consideration that only your first comment will count for the draft and that I will try to track repeated e-mails, more than that I can’t do.

Deadline will be 31th of April today (0:00H GMT 28th April).

Good luck.

EDIT – I wasn’t expecting so much comments so I’ve changed the rules. It’s going to be raffled between all the comments ending today (28th). Good luck! I’ll advertise the winners in another post and contact you by e-mail so make sure you wrote the right e-mail.


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