Steam New Interface

Steam has has unexpectedly released a new interface for the Steam client. The old (and current) UI was getting too old, heavy and quite frankly not that much user friendly, the only friendliness you might have found there was based on habit. The new UI on the other hand looks sharp, quicker, lighter and so far, at least for me, Bug free. The new Client is in beta, it brings some new features and enhancements.

The way the new UI organizes your library is way much interesting than the “old” way. You can see the games you have, organized in several views like Details, List or Grid. There is a lot more focus on achievements in the interface, letting you see what you’ve achieve at a quick glance.

Overhaul the new interface is quite pleasant, the streamlined looks feels much more 2K than 90’s, friends information much easier to see, achievement focused, snappier incorporated web browser.
I’ve read that some users have been reporting some bugs, but that is expectable since it’s only in beta, as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t experienced any problem, so I’m going to stick to the beta interface as it’s a lot more enjoyable.

In order to try the new Interface, you have to Download it or choose to opt-in to Beta in your Steam Settings.

Link: Steam New Interface

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