nVidia Wallpapers

We can find the most amazing Wallapers in the most improbable places. It never occurred to me that nVidia would have a collection of wallpapers on their website. They do, and some of them are awesome. I’ve selected some of what I think are the best ones. Read more…

Automatic Fresh Bing Wallpapers for your Desktop

I’m not a frequent Bing user, I stand by the old and reliable Google, a matter of habit I suppose. There is one thing where Bing is far superior to Google page, the backgrounds. The Bing images are always outstanding.
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Wallpaper: In the field II

In the field II is the second wallpaper from hombre-cz In the golden field, both are his own photos so he deserves even more kudos for that. Sits lovely on my 1920×1080 display!
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Wallpaper: How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon wallpaper is a gorgeous wallpaper done by krissy on deviantart based on the animated movie.
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Paintbits: No more Community News


I’ve been running a sidebar community news on Paintbits for quite awhile now. I’m in the process of redoing Painbits for version 3 and some changes will be done. This theme doesn’t have the flexibility I would like, from the time I done it till now I’ve learned a lot of PHP and WordPress so I can do a lot more with it. One of the changes I had in mind was to end Sidebits – Community News, but I decided to anticipated that.

Sidebits was a good idea, but the addon I used to achieve it attracted too much spamming. Even though a lot of legit and relevant news were submitted, a lot more spam and advertising ones pass through. So in the end the only option is to end this part of the website. Maybe in the future it might return but in a different approach.

Sorry for disapointing whoever used this feature.

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