WordPress 2.5 is here…

… And we’ve got it allready. :)

Wordpress Halo!

The migration went smooth apart from a little problem with K2 in which Paintbits theme (created by me with the name lumen) is based on.

For the Users this is almost the same, for the Admins this is great. A lot of new changes under the hood.

If you interested you can see all the changes here and here.

Free Icon Sets for the Web

Icon Sets

Icons are a great way to improve the usability of any page, blog or interface. Even thought it shouldn’t be overly used, every type of interface benefits from some visual aid. More then a way to improve usability icons are also small pieces of art. Here I present you with a selection of some of the free icon sets available over the internet.

A complete and constantly updated list of Icons and other resources can be found over Resources > Icons.
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AIMP2 Logo I have to say I don’t like to use iTunes that much and I’m the proud owner of an iPod! Although iTunes have a nice look with that .Mac like style it’s too cumbersome for me. I normally have a large quantity of music music files in my hard drives and most of the time they are not very organized… iTunes let me organized it… by cut, paste.. rename… cut…rename. NO!

I’ve always been a fan of Winamp, even though I stopped using it around2 years ago. I loved the diversity of options available to skin Winamp, visualization plugins, sound enhancers , etc. But Winamp sound out-of-the-box lacked a bit compared to iTunes, Windows Media Player or other well known audio players.

I used and still use Billy for great part of my computer listening sessions while I’m working since it’s so lightweight and simple. But when you want to have some library functions it’s too simple for that.

That’s when AIMP2 appeared and since then I’ve never looked back. AIMP2 is great. It’s all I wanted and more. It’s Winamp with a face lift but better… and it’s free!

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WordPress 2.5 is coming!

The official WordPress blog announced that version 2.5 of the well known blog is about to be released. They posted a sneak preview of the redesigned interface. Happy Cog. is the company behind the new overhaul.

Matt says it’s basically done and stable, and could be released , but they’d like to incorporate feedback from a wider audience before making it available to the general public. WordPress 2.5 includes some features as “A customizable dashboard, multi-file upload, built-in galleries, one-click plugin upgrades, tag management, built-in Gravatars, full text feeds, and faster load times”. Sounds promising.

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Hello World

Hi and welcome to Paintbits.com. Paintbits is the website of Nuno Alexandre, known in the web as greven from some years now. This site serve as a blog to stream ideas, as a portfolio to show what I create in many areas of interested, as a directory for many interesting sites and as a tutorial hub with original walktrough in many different areas. Will try to feed you good information, because thats all that we seek… knowledge and information. The site is not yet 100% finished. I’m still looking for inspiration for a logo and some small touches. Anyway I always see my projects as WIP‘s

Kudos to all and we’ll be seeing here from now on.

PS – Though I’m Portuguese I choose to write this website in English. Nothing against my native language of course, but English is what we can almost consider a universal language. This way I can reach more then just the Portuguese community and spread the word to the four corners of the world.


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