Making your Blog noticed in 5 Steps

So I’ve reached Google Page Rank 4 recently… and it came naturally. I’m not what you can call an Internet Expert but I do read a bit about SEO and blogging but I’m far from obsessed… I’ve started to write on Paintbits like 6 months ago. The first PageRank update gave me a PageRank 1 the second one a pagerank 4. So…

Epitaph for a feeling
Epitaph for a feeling – Photo by Ensel.

… I thought I’d share some points related to making your blog noticed and the role of pagerank on it. There are many blogs devoted to SEO and improving Blogs Traffic, this post is not intended to to replace those sources, this is the statement of someone that went trough the process, someone that is not an expert.

1. Don’t think too much about PageRank…

… because I never did, honestly. Pagerank is like a measure of popularity of your website, website that is normally associated with some keywords. If you have a good pagerank then you have high chance to be ranked above any other lower ranked page on that keywords. Pagerank is more important if you value Search Traffic above overall. But most important that knowing what it is… is not to live for it.

Do you need more 'MORE'?
Do you need more ‘MORE’? – Photo by Gaetan Lee.

2. Pagerank is not everything

It isn’t, the most important part of your blog is your content, it’s your content that will bring you traffic, members, advertisers, loyal readers, renown. So work on your content, improve the quality of your posts and you will see your pagerank improving as well… naturally.

3. A Balanced Website has several sources of Traffic

This is why pagerank is not determining for your website, or at least it shouldn’t. You can’t rely only on Search Engine Traffic, you have to balance your traffic. Submit your posts to Social Networks like Digg, StumbleUpon or Delicious to improve Social Media Traffic. Try not to have more then 50% of your traffic coming from the same source. Write content as much as you can as long as you mantain quality, this way you will bring new readers and make your old ones stay directly improving your Direct Traffic.

4. Little tricks to improve your visibility

  • Use a statistics traffic counter like Google analytics to understand your website. Check which post(s) had more success. Why not make a follow up to it?
  • See what are the top incoming searches and work around your strong and weak points.
  • Try to use catchy titles on your post tiles. Normally posts having numbers (like the one you’re reading work better). Strangely people are attracted to numbered titles.
  • List type posts tend to have more success…
  • Try to link between your posts, connecting your content is always favorable in terms of SEO.
  • Comment on your readers blogs, you appreciate comments, they do to…
  • Build a community around your blog.
  • Try to get your first team readers on your blog by showing them your best content, after your post or on your sidebar.

The end is near........
The end is near…….. – Photo by Sandysshots.

5. But the most important thing is…

Do it while enjoying it. Everything you do in life that you like brings that special touch to it. Sometimes the difference between a successful project and a failed one is motivation. If you don’t like what you do, that will reflect on the final product. Don’t do anything when you fill forced.

I’m rank 4 now… and I Didn’t do anything special to achieve it, it came… naturally.


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