Proof that I’m Evil…

Proof that I'm Evil

RSS Feed Count is something that I usually pay attention to. I’m not writing on this blog to/for the numbers, I’m not getting rich, I’m not getting famous or anything like that, I write because I enjoy it. I write about subjects I’m genuinely interested in. But despite all that is nice to get feedback, to see that someone is paying attention to what you write or create. Feed count is one of those indicatives among others like page views and article comments, etcetera.

Evil 666

My Feed Count in these recent days have been fluctuating from 600+ to 800+ readers. Nothing unusual, except today. Today dear readers is the day that the Internet proves I’m Evil. There is no other logic explanation, If you look to the right you’ll see Google Feedburner tells you that there are 666 feed readers on 666. I kid you… I’m not the evil one, the Google Feed Count is. So don’t put too much trust in it. Don’t be demotivated by the count. What matters is if you’re still having fun writing. I am.



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