Sorry folks…

Time for me to sail. I think it’s time for me to close my blogging experience. It was a fun ride for a year now, but everything must come to an end. Blogging takes a lot of my time and therefore I decided to spend more time with what really matters like…

Sail Away, Sail Away
Sail Away, Sail Away – Photo by Flipped Out.

… erm

… hmmm

… Playing World of Warcraft?

Joking! Bah, I had to make a typical cliché (see what I did here?) on the April’s Fool Day right?

The place we call the Interwebz should go crazy today with false take overs and typical stuff like that. Beware!

PS – I heard there is some kickass trojan (virus for the dummies) spreading around, use protection!!

EDIT – And a List of the 2009 Pranks already exist.


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