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Icon Sets

Icons are a great way to improve the usability of any page, blog or interface. Even thought it shouldn’t be overly used, every type of interface benefits from some visual aid. More then a way to improve usability icons are also small pieces of art. Here I present you with a selection of some of the free icon sets available over the internet.

A complete and constantly updated list of Icons and other resources can be found over Resources > Icons.


:: Developpers Icons (105 Icons)

Developpers Icons

:: Systematrix Icons (28 Icons)

Systematrix Icons

:: Flat Icons (41 Icons)

Flat Icons

:: Crystal Project (1000+ Icons)

Crystal Project

:: Emotion Icons (14 Icons)

YellowIcon Emotion Icons

:: Vaga Icons (60 Icons)

Vaga Icons

:: Circle Social Bookmark Icons (10 Icons)

Circle Social Bookmark Icons

:: Free web 2.0 RSS icons (28 Icons)

free rss icons

:: Pinvoke icons (400 Icons)

pinvoke icons

:: Bartelme Smiley DevKit (1 Icon)

Bartelme Smiley DevKit

:: Comic Icons (72 Icons)

Comic Icons

:: Circle Feeds Icons (4 Icons)

Circle Feeds Icons

:: 3D Rss Feeds Icon (1 Icon)

3D RSS Feed Icon

:: iComic Applications (10 Icons)

iComic Applications

:: Agua Icons (82 Icons)

Agua Icons

:: Toon System (30 Icons)

Toon Icons

:: Comic Tiger (50 Icons)

Comic Tiger Icons

:: FamFam Silk Icons (700 Icons)

FamFam Silk Icons

:: Arcade System Icons (131 Icons)

Arcade System Icons

:: Tango Iconset (500+ Icons)

Tango Iconset

:: Web Application Icons Set (20 Icons)

Web Application Icons Set

:: Feed Icons 2 (10+ Icons)

Feed Icons 2

:: Danish Roalty Free (96 Icons)

Danish Icons

More Icon Resources

Iconica Icons
PixelGirlPresents Icons
InterfaceLift Icons
Vista Icons
Pixture Studio
n-Design Studio Mini-Pixel Icons
Free Icons Download

Note that even thought all sets are Free, some are limited to personal use. This means that you should read the license agreements first to know if you’re allowed to use them in a commercial project.


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