Google Chrome, New Features?

Google Chrome

So you have heard about the release of a new web browser by Google. I’ve blogged it, everyone blogged it! So now that the news aren’t news any more have you actually tried it? Are you satisfied with your current browser that you haven’t even considered trying Chrome? I’ve tried and have some ideas about it already. I know Chrome is in its early stages but it’s already a steady piece of software if you ask me.

Chrome as it is…

It’s one of the fastest browsers I’ve used to date, and I’ve tried Safari, Firefox (several versions, including the last one, the browser I use everyday), Opera (which I love but… it still doesn’t kick it for me because it doesn’t have all the Firefox Extensions I use and depend on), Internet Explorer, Flock, Mozilla (the Old and dead Browser), Epiphany (Linux Gnome Browser)… you name it. Chrome is Lightning Fast!

Chrome Screen Are is awesome, Firefox and most Browsers use a Status Bar, Chrome presents you the URLs you are currently hovering in a small left bottom screen Popup, it’s smart, it works well and it unclutter the screen for more important things… the Web content.

The Task Manager is another thing I love in Chrome. That way you can always see what pages consume more Memory on your browser.

Chrome already has some sort of Color Themes and some vulnerabilities too.

The Chrome You’d Like

But even having a lot of features I like, what about new features? What would it take to convince you to change to Chrome for good? Support for Firefox Extensions? Widgets? A better Theme System? Something else?

BrowsingBrowsing by Poldavo.

The Chrome I would Like

I’m currently very happy using Firefox. I do use a lot of extensions as you can see in this post. I’m not currently thinking changing Firefox for Chrome but I’m interested in Chrome development since if a new browser emerges with all the features I need being faster for the system and loading pages? What else can I ask?

For me Chrome would need essentially this things:

1. Extensions Support

Having extensions support would be awesome. If it eventually supported Firefox extensions it would be great, if not at least some sort of ad blocker, Gmail Notifier, Dictionary Support and FTP addon would be very welcome.

2. Theme Support

Don’t get me wrong, Chrome looks ok and Looks isn’t everything, what count is what is under the hood. But even so, having the chance to change the appearance of the browser is a welcome feature.

3. Synchronization

Sometime ago, google had Google Browser Sync for Firefox. This addon made the life of everyone that uses more then one computer a little less chaotic. It synced all your Bookmarks between computers (now you can use an addon like Foxmarks to replace it). It’s no longer supported, I can see why. But it would be nice to see something like this on Chrome.

So what Would you like to see in Chrome?


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