I was getting a new version of CCleaner when I noticed a new application from Piriform, Speccy. Speccy is a simplified System Information tool, not that it doesn’t give you enough information, it just does it in a clean, simple and user-friendly way.

It’s still in Beta, but if you need an alternative to programs such as SiSoftware Sandra, look no further, Speccy works fine.

The thing I like the most about this Beta version of Speccy, it’s how it displays the temperatures of my computer componentes in an easy way to read (in the System’s Summary). It’s still Beta, so expect some minor bugs. For example it couldn’t gather data from my system Graphics, nothing that prevent’s you from using it still in Beta version.

Anyway, keep an eye on it. Comming from the makers of the multi-awarded, multi-loved CCleaner, it’s a very promising little tool from Piriform (having released already the excellent Recuva and Defraggler).

Link: Speccy


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