Windows 7 or KDE4?

Windows 7 Loading Screen

Seen an interesting video made by ZDnet Australia showcasing some Australian people reaction when they see KDE4 (If you don’t know what is KDE its just a frontend to any common Linux Distribution – although in my personal opinion, I still prefer the more classic Gnome Look).

If you look at some KDE 4 and Windows 7 Beta screenshots (check WinSupersite to see some good reviews), you can see some similarities between them.

Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 Beta



I’m not playing Devils Advocate here, but I think it’s pretty obvious. But does that matter? I don’t think so. I really hope to see a more solid Operation System by Microsoft with the release of this new Windows version. Vista was a bit bloated, it had too many things to the same things as XP but with worse performance. The only reason you should ever migrate from an updated SP3 Windows XP to Windows Vista is only new hardware support. Other then that I don’t really see the need to spend more money on an OS upgrade unless it ships with your new hardware.

But, what this video focus on is showing random people on the street, KDE4 running. Most people still don’t know Linux, don’t know it’s a free operating system, based on Open Source Software that can really meet most people standards and needs. How many people do you know that uses their computer to check the e-mail, see some videos, listen to some music or play the typical patient mini-game? Well I know a lot of them, and while I understand these people never heard about Linux, I think it’s time to show them that there are options to Windows, and some of them are Free, look good and work good.

Anyway… the movie. So they tell people that what they are showing them is actually Windows 7 and they buy it. They like it. It makes you wonder if Linux was named Windows Blah! more people wouldn’t actually use it?

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4?

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