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The Best Google Chrome Extensions…

… suggested by Google! It’s true, Google has posted on their official blog a list of Googles favourite extensions for Google Chrome.
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Google Chrome Ads are Awesome!

Google Chrome

They are. And specifically this new video is even more full of awesomeness.
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Creating your own Google Chrome Theme

Recently I’ve been thinking in doing my own Google Chrome Theme. Not that the themes Google gives you aren’t nice enough, but I’m really picky and I was wishing for something more personalized.
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Google Chrome 2 Beta

Web by sergey1984

Well, I don’t know how I missed this, but there is a new Chrome version in development. I’ve been a bit torn apart between Opera and Chrome. I like Opera because it just works out-of-the box. Google Chrome works too, but Opera brings a lot of neat things like Mouse Gestures or useful Plugins (like the Weather one).
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