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Windows Phone 7 Series Design

If you pay attention to mobile and tech news, you’ve probably ear about the new Windows Phone 7 Series, a pompous name for the successor of the old Windows Mobile 6 (also known as WinMo).
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Lumen Reborn is here…

… or part of it! Well, most of the theme is done now. There is still a lot of areas to work on but I guess that can be done in small stages. It’s the sidebar and footer that needs most of the work, but the rest is pretty usable I would say. :)

lumen reborn theme preview
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Million Dollar PC

During one of my normal browsing sessions, my friend odracir linked me a website about modded computer systems. This is usually not something I look upon, since it usually means flashy, uninspired, overdone, ugly (or more commonly referred as fugly), “insert adjective here”, etc… outputs. Basicly, computer modding together with car modding are synonymous of bad taste.

This is why I was quite surprised by the professional look and slickness of most of the computers showedcase on Million Dollar PC website.

From the ones I saw, Murderbox was one of my favorites. Very robust output, slick design, solid colors, nothing overdone (in my opinion), basically what a computer system should be like (as everything else in life to be honest).
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New Logo

More than one year ago when I decided to start my personal blog that I thought of doing a logo to identify it. There was some big problems coming up with anything presentable. First, I don’t think I’m a good logo design, in fact, I suck at it. Second, time issues. Third (among a big list of infinite reasons) I never came up with anything decent and I still think I haven’t.

Paintbits logo

I think a logo should be something that quickly identifies your product, I don’t think my logo does that, it’s not a visual representation of my product, but because my blog is a miscellaneous of information I don’t think I could ever come up with something logic, at least for me.

For now this one will do, now I will have to remake my header image… someday, someday…

Bits of Inspiration #4

Been a long time since I put a post on some of the art and artists I found trough out my browsing sessions. Better late than never!

Mario Wibisono

Bits of Inspiration #4

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