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Linux Tip: Firefox Backspace

So… I recently reinstalled Ubuntu (version 8.10 this time) to find a very solid piece of Software. Everything worked out of the box, even Compiz.

Anyway… there were one thing that was making me crazy. Firefox 3 didn’t use Backspace key as a shortcut to the Back function, i.e., pressing backspace didn’t make you return to the previous web page. This is something I use A LOT on Windows on any browser, so not having this possibility is a major turn of. I don’t even know why the hell Mozilla don’t turn this option as default since this is like something taken for granted, at least for me.

Anyway… the good news is it’s a very simple thing to fix.

Linux Tip Backspace Key
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Mozilla Extend Firefox 3 Contest Winners

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Extend Firefox 3 is a developer contest to encourage development and innovation in Web experience through add-ons to Firefox 3.

Extend Firefox 3 has wrapped up and we’re very excited to announce the winners! We received well over 100 entries, representing hundreds of hours of hard work from people around the world.

This contest had an extraordinary group of judges of which we would like to thank, including Dr. Jun Murai, Toby Padilla, Gina Trapani, Brendan Eich, Mike Connor, Mike Beltzner and our sponsors, including Last.fm, ActiveState, and VMWare.

Many of these extensions are in their early stages of experimental development, however we have seen some powerful new tools and prototypes that we are excited to share. It was hard to determine the winners, but at last, here they are.

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Weave – Mozilla Sync Addon

If you have read my post about Firefox Addons you saw that I made reference to Google Browser Sync. Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers. This is very useful if you more then 1 computer, like a desktop and a laptop. What happens is that Google is no longer developing this addon, so it won’t be available for Firefox 3.
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my Top 10 Firefox Addons

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Firefox is one of the most used browsers nowadays. Firefox has been a great browser since release, but each new version builds upon the previous one, improving, speed increases, it to what has probably become the most feature complete existing browser. Even so, if you can’t find in Firefox what you need to improve your WebSurfing, Mozilla offers you a large database of small Addons where you will find for sure what you’re looking for… Most probably anything you might need for Firefox, exists… You just need to search for it.
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