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7-Zip Theme Manager

Long go the time where WinZip and WinRAR were almost the only options as extract managers for our operating systems. Nowadays there are a plethora of other options, many free to use, at least non-commercially. One of my favourites compressors / extractors is 7-Zip, the reasons being it’s free and open source under the GNU LGPL license (can be used for commercial use) and the compression ratio of the 7z format is higher than zip for example.

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Top 5 Portable Apps Suites

I still remember the days when a Floppy Disk was the best thing you had to take your data with you. The typical floppy was the 3½-inch HD with an enormous 1.44 MB total capacity. Those days are gone, today we have smaller devices with 16K times more capacity. USB Flash Drives! On the days of the floppy disk, having a device like this was surely a dream.
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10+ Project Manager websites to increase your Group Workflow

Project Managers (or Groupware) are online platforms to manage, plan, schedule and share you projects with others. Collaborative software helps groups of people focused on a common task, achieve their goal in a more effective way.
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I was getting a new version of CCleaner when I noticed a new application from Piriform, Speccy. Speccy is a simplified System Information tool, not that it doesn’t give you enough information, it just does it in a clean, simple and user-friendly way.
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