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Icons: MediaLoot 3D Free Icons

Media Loot 3D Iconset

Media Loot 3D Icon set is a gorgeous collection of 3D like Icons with vibrant colors and an amazing attention to detail.
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Vector Social Media Icons

IconDock released a new set of Social Media Icons in several formats, including a vector one.
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Somatic Ramp Champ Icons

David Lanham is back with a new set of Icons. This time is a small 11 icon pack in the characteristic style of David Lanham but introducing a new theme to the Somatic family.

Somatic Ramp Champ Icons

Link: Somatic Ramp Champ Icons

WordPress: Social Bookmarking

Wordpress Social Bookmarking

WordPress is the tool of use of an increasing number of people, be it a developer, clients or just blog enthusiasts. If you fall into one of this categories you should think in optimization your WordPress experience. One way to do that is insert more functionalities into your website / blog. You should be thinking by now – Widgets! Well, widgets are one of the ways to achieve that, but do we really want to depend on widgets to implement all the features on our blog? You can, but you shouldn’t. It’s pretty obvious that after a certain amount of widgets you will see the loading time of your website increase accordingly.
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Icons Icons Icons…

Icons Web

Smashing Magazine published yesterday a great list of Icon Sets for projects use. Some time ago on one of the first posts I’ve written on my blog, I’ve publish a list of Icons for Web use, but this post from Smashing Magazine hits the nail, it’s very complete and full of packs I didn’t know before. It even includes some Icons I’ve done… that’s nice.

Link: 50 Fresh Useful Icon Sets For Your Next Design

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