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20 Great Themes for Linux

20 Great Themes for Linux

I like to fiddle around with Linux quite often. In fact it had permanent residence in my Laptop (till it broke a while ago). Ubuntu is what I usually go for, since it’s one of the friendliest distros out there. In Linux like in any OS that I install one of the first things I do is to change the default look of it. If it’s Windows, specially our old friend XP, there was many things to change in order to make it minimally attractive (I showed you how I did it in my Windows XP Customization Guide). Windows Vista and now 7 on the other hand have a much more modern look, despite the fact that I’m not the biggest Glass look, so changing visual style in Windows Vista was something I regularly did.
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Steve Ballmer and Linux

Microsoft Steve Ballmer

It seems that for Steve Ballmer Linux poses a bigger threat to Microsoft than Apple itself. While Windows dominates the Market share without a doubt in second comes the unlicensed copys of Microsoft Windows and in third Linux distributions followed closely by Apple Operating Systems.
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Windows 7 or KDE4?

Windows 7 Loading Screen

Seen an interesting video made by ZDnet Australia showcasing some Australian people reaction when they see KDE4 (If you don’t know what is KDE its just a frontend to any common Linux Distribution – although in my personal opinion, I still prefer the more classic Gnome Look).
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Gnome DO

When using Linux one of the things I’ve missed was a good Dock bar. I’m so used to using one in Windows (see Anatomy of my Desktop for more details) that it feels completely different managing my Tasks without using this kind of application. There is more then one dock for Linux, actually, but they always felt very buggy or feature incomplete to me, so I kinda tried to live without them. But recently I came across a project I didn’t know about, called Gnome Do. I haven’t tried it yet, going to install it today but from the description and the feature list this was just what I was looking for. The look is great. I’ll give you more details after I try it, but I think if you’re interested in Linux you should keep an eye on this app still on 0.8 version.

Gnome Do
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Linux Tip: Firefox Backspace

So… I recently reinstalled Ubuntu (version 8.10 this time) to find a very solid piece of Software. Everything worked out of the box, even Compiz.

Anyway… there were one thing that was making me crazy. Firefox 3 didn’t use Backspace key as a shortcut to the Back function, i.e., pressing backspace didn’t make you return to the previous web page. This is something I use A LOT on Windows on any browser, so not having this possibility is a major turn of. I don’t even know why the hell Mozilla don’t turn this option as default since this is like something taken for granted, at least for me.

Anyway… the good news is it’s a very simple thing to fix.

Linux Tip Backspace Key
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