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Ubuntu 8.10 Released

Ubuntu 8.10

Six Months after the release of Ubuntu 8.04 and following the release schedule strictly, Ubuntu latest brother arrives, called 8.10 or Intrepid Ibex. If you think this is a weird name wait till Ubuntu 9.04 or… Jaunty Jackalope arrives! :devil:

I haven’t tried Ubuntu 8.10 yet, but Ubuntu is one of my favorite Linux Distros. It’s one of the most user friendly distributions, it’s based on Debian (gotta love apt-get) and the best of all it’s the HUGE community behind it. Anything you need it’s probably already solved in the Official Forums.

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Royale Vista II for Linux

One of the best Theme Styles for Windows XP is now available for Linux using GTK and Emerald: Roayle Vista II. The style author is Dobee one of the best skinners for Windows. Check his other works.

Royale Vista II for Linux

Note: You can find Windows Version here.

Download: Royale Vista II for Linux

Wallpaper: RGB Gnome

To inaugurate the Showcase section of the website, I’ve made a simple wallpaper based on the linux Gnome theme.

RGB Gnome

I’ve always loved the gnome logo and so I’ve made some wallpapers from it in the past. I’ve re-installed Ubuntu Linux in my system and so thought about doing a new wallpaper for it. Colors are inspired in Paintbits theme.

Download here.

Also available on Deviant Art.

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