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A little update…

Hello fellas.

It has been a long time since I’ve wrote anything. After a long “battle” with stuff that had to be dealt with I’m finally starting to work on remaking Paintbits from the ground up. After the hacking kinda lost the will to remake all this since it needs a lot of work to check each post to fix missing images, etc, etc.

Anyway, I’m working on a new style. Missed programming and fiddling with the WordPress SDK. :)

Good times now. Cya later!

PS – I guess no one reads this anymore… :)


Hey fellow readers. Just a little update on the work being done on Paintbits. I’m currently developing a new look to the site, basically remaking the whole website from the ground up. It’s an opportunity for me to improve my WordPress / PHP / mySQL / jQuery / Javascript / [Insert Other Web Language Here] skills. Its still going to take a while… but I can’t really work on this half damaged old website / theme after it was hacked, it needed work and a big update anyway.

On other news, for our portuguese readers, my webhost and sponsor is now accepting pre-registers of .PT domains. The rules on how one can register a .pt domain have changed and WebHS is on the front accepting requests. The whole story (in portuguese) is the following:

Na sequência da liberalização dos domínios .PT, já anunciada pela DNS PT (entidade reguladora) e que irá ocorrer a 01 de Maio de 2012, a WebHS® apresenta a possibilidade de lhe tentar garantir o registo do domínio .PT que sempre pretendeu mas não podia registar por falta de cumprimento das condições necessárias ao suporte de registo, actualmente em vigor. Quer isto dizer que, a partir de dia 1 de Março e até dia 30 de Abril (às 18h GMT), a WebHS® aceita pedidos de pré-registo, os quais poderá realizar em http://webhs.pt/dominios/preregistopt

Este pré-registo irá permitir à WebHS® que, por volta das 00h de dia 01 de Maio de 2012, tente realizar através do acesso privilegiado junto da DNS PT o registo dos domínio .PT pré-registados garantido-lhe assim o registo do domínio .PT que sempre desejou e que não pode registar até à data por não se inserir nas condições de registo actualmente em vigor.

Seja dos primeiros a garantir o registo do seu domínio .PT através da WebHS em http://webhs.pt/dominios/preregistopt

More Info: http://webhs.pt/dominios/preregistopt

Cya soon!

Paintbits Hacked

So… this end of the year has been great… And of course to culminate it had to end with something to top it off, Paintbits being hacked. I reverted the hack but I now need to install the theme files again. The worst part is that all the image uploads are gone… somehow the nice “hackers” deleted the wp-content folder. Oh well… I guess I’ll have to try to find an old backup or delete a lot of posts that don’t make any sense now. Maybe cleaning up most of the posts is the right thing to do, that and start to do regular home folder backups…

This reminded me that I really need to start publishing again and re-do the old design of the website. But I’m currently with my research so this will have to wait a bit till I have my normal life back, so to say. Anyway, I’ve not abandoned Paintbits at all, but like my last post said, the will to write it’s a bit off due to recent events (I lost my mother).

Next year’s resolution will be to redo Paintbits and become active on it again.

Anyway, a nice Christmas for all and a new year’s eve.

Cya soon.


Some things never change…

I still love everything that made me do this website, but life sometimes get in the way. Some things never change, having a beautiful wallpaper in my desktop is one of them. I’ve been mostly getting my wallpapers from Wallbase and some from Deviantart. I do hope to get over this problems in order to have more time to dedicate to Paintbits and my other projects. I’m planing in redesigning the website since I don’t like how it looks and feels anymore, but that will also have to wait.

Cya soon!

Paintbits: No more Community News


I’ve been running a sidebar community news on Paintbits for quite awhile now. I’m in the process of redoing Painbits for version 3 and some changes will be done. This theme doesn’t have the flexibility I would like, from the time I done it till now I’ve learned a lot of PHP and WordPress so I can do a lot more with it. One of the changes I had in mind was to end Sidebits – Community News, but I decided to anticipated that.

Sidebits was a good idea, but the addon I used to achieve it attracted too much spamming. Even though a lot of legit and relevant news were submitted, a lot more spam and advertising ones pass through. So in the end the only option is to end this part of the website. Maybe in the future it might return but in a different approach.

Sorry for disapointing whoever used this feature.

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