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The best free photoshop plugins

PhotoshopSupport Blog published a list of the best free photoshop plugins available.

I went out looking for some free Photoshop plugins and I came back with some nice little gems. So here they are, all linked up and with little blurbs. My work is done. I hope you find something insipiring.

Check them out here.

Photoshop CS4 Sneak Peak

Justin Seeley posted last week on his blog, a early preview of Photoshop CS4.

A couple of the new Photoshop features are already public. True Edge, a new way to enhance the edges of your selection allowing a more defined line between the subject and background. And the second and final feature revealed to date was a non-destructive (highly-enhanced) dodge and burn tool.

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Photoshop Express Online!

If you haven’t been living in a cave in the last couple of weeks you probably heard about Photoshop Express.

PS Exp

Photoshop Express is the new online service from the award winning company Adobe, we all know from the original Photoshop for PC and Mac. This service is offered by Adobe free of charge and gives the user 2GB of storage space and also a custom web address to display their photo galleries. Photoshop Express is similar to other online services like Picnik.

This is not a tunned down version of Photoshop, you can’t just replace it if you are looking for professional solutions. PE is aimed at the beginner photography enthusiast. In a hierarchy line of thought of Adobe Photoshop product family, PE would come in a first position as the entry solution and Photoshop CS3 at the top of the hierarchy as the most complete solution.

Adobe Express

Try it yourself. Most probably it won’t suit your needs if you require a lot of control over your workflow, but it’s a nice tool if you are in a rush or even for your family member that thinks that Photoshop is for Geeks!

PhotoshopSupport published an interview with Photoshop expert and teacher Justin Seeley about Photoshop Express that you should check out.

Who should use Photoshop Express?
Adobe Photoshop Express isn’t going to entice professional photographers. In fact it may not even attract the attention of the serious hobbyist, but for entry-level consumers and younger users (those who tend to spend more time online in the first place), this will be a great service where they can enhance the quality of their photos and quickly get them online to share with friends and family.

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