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The best free photoshop plugins

PhotoshopSupport Blog published a list of the best free photoshop plugins available.

I went out looking for some free Photoshop plugins and I came back with some nice little gems. So here they are, all linked up and with little blurbs. My work is done. I hope you find something insipiring.

Check them out here.

Flash Photo Browser

Browsing through the net, I discovered a nice Flash project by Andrew Berg. Flash Photo Browser is an open source flash gallery that lets you display photos with a really nice effect.

Flash Photo Browser usage is simple: You upload thumbnails and the original images in the related folders with same names and after that, the application does the rest for you.

Link: Demo and Download.

Free Icon Sets for the Web

Icon Sets

Icons are a great way to improve the usability of any page, blog or interface. Even thought it shouldn’t be overly used, every type of interface benefits from some visual aid. More then a way to improve usability icons are also small pieces of art. Here I present you with a selection of some of the free icon sets available over the internet.

A complete and constantly updated list of Icons and other resources can be found over Resources > Icons.
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