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Steam New Interface

Steam has has unexpectedly released a new interface for the Steam client. The old (and current) UI was getting too old, heavy and quite frankly not that much user friendly, the only friendliness you might have found there was based on habit. The new UI on the other hand looks sharp, quicker, lighter and so far, at least for me, Bug free. The new Client is in beta, it brings some new features and enhancements.
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Steam: Steam Holiday Sale


Holiday at Steam means promotions… again! And we thank Valve (and the publishers) for that. It’s always nice to be able to play nice titles at affordable prices, even if some aren’t properly fresh. It’s cold outside (at least at this part of the globe) so what’s better than playing a good game with a good coup of tea?
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Steam: The Five Day Long


Means… promotions! Lot’s of them. There is a timer on Steam front page, when the timer reaches Zero different promotions will activate. Right now as I write this, several games are selling at a 50% cut off. One of them is Grid, a great game for 5 EUROS! Sold!! To me!

Link: Steampowered Early Holiday Promotions

World of Goo – 4.99€ on Steam

World of Goo

Sometime ago I spoke about a game that really caught my eye. Its name is World of Goo and you can find it on Steam this weekend by the price of 4.99€. The game is addicting, really well done and very cheap only this weekend. Really worth the money. What else can you ask?

Link: Wold of Goo on Steam

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