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Time Waster: Auditorium


Auditorium is an intuitive challenging puzzle game, that is certain to guarantee you lots of wasted time…
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Time Waster: When Penguin Attack

When Penguin Attack

This is one of the most addicting flash games I’ve ever played. I love tower defense games and the detail on this one is awesome. I warn you that this one is really a time waster, as it is very very addicting. Yes… Pinguins are EBIL!

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Time Waster: Ice Breaker

I discovered this simple yet addictive game in Download Squad. The Game is pretty simple. Use your mouse to drawn straight lines cutting and breaking the ice so you can rescue your fellow Viking Friends. Reminds me a bit of Lost Vikings… it’s the theme probably!

Time Waster Ice Breaker

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Time Wasters: Winterbells

So… it’s almost Christmas right? At least where I live the streets are already all pimped up for it. It’s strange how soon this all Christmas celebration begins. And it’s getting worse. I bet in some years from now we will be seeing Santas walking the streets in mid July in Shorts and with Sun Glasses…

Winterbells Time Waster
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Time Wasters: Boxhead

Yay! Another time waster you say! :D

Today’s Time Waster is Boxhead, already a classic. The last Boxhead “Title” is The Zombie Wars… more Zombies, more fun!

Time Waster: Boxhead

I warn you, this game is really addictive! So if you’re on a deadline for anything currently… Stay away!
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