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Is WordPress Killing Web Design?

Webdesign Tuts+ has a nice article regarding SXSW and the subject Is WordPress Killing Web Design? What’s your thoughts on the subject? I’ve done my fair share part of WordPress designs and I do understand the question and it’s quite pertinent but I don’t agree with it. I don’t consider myself a designer, just a coder who likes design and beautiful things (who doesn’t?) but I do think the tools don’t make the artist and at the bottom line WordPress is just a tool to simplify the implementation of dynamic website (is there still static html webpages in the 21st century?).
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WordPress 3.0 Released

WordPress 3

And Paintbits is already running it! WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and one must give credits to the developers and contributors, each major version has always brought something new and unique to make WordPress the definite open source website/blog engine for developers and bloggers all over the World. Read more…

QuickTip: Manually Set WordPress Theme


The other day I couldn’t access my admin panel on my blog Massivo. Turns out I damaged the database with a well executed WordPress Hook. I couldn’t do anything because I just couldn’t log into the WordPress Admin area. The only thing that “saved me” was using a SQL Command using phpMyAdmin. Read more…

WordPress: Display different number of pages on Archives

Wordpress Different Pages on Archives

I’m working on a little project to be released in the next weeks. Because of this I’ve been improving my WordPress knowledge quite a bit. The website will be a News / Articles type of site. I intended to have 6 posts on the front page, something you can control under the WordPress Options in Settings > Reading.
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Update to WordPress 2.9

Just updated my website to the latest version of WordPress, version 2.9. As always WordPress is greatly improving each new release, version 2.9 is no expectation.
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