Website Background Patterns

Website Background Patterns

So you’re looking for a new pattern for your website? If you’re not you will be after this post!

Adding an appealing background to your website can bring a new life to your design. There are many websites offering background patterns, but only a few are worth checking for their quality. I’ve come with a list to make your work easier

Background Patterns

1. SquidFingers

SquidFingers Patterns

Link: SquidFingers

2. Kaliber 10000

Kaliber 10000 Patterns

Link: Kaliber 10000

3. Brusheezy

Brusheezy Patterns

Link: Brusheezy

4. DinPattern

DinPattern Patterns

Link: DinPattern

5. Noqta

Noqta Patterns

Link: Noqta

6. Kollermedia

Kollermedia Patterns

Link: Kollermedia

7. Shizoo

Shizoo Patterns

Link: Shizoo

Pattern Generators

1. Stripemania


Link: Stripemania

2 Stripe Generator

Stripe Generator

Link: Stripe Generator

3. Tartan Designer

Tartan Designer

Link: Tartan Designer

4 Stripe Designer

Stripe Designer

Link: Stripe Designer

5 Background Maker

Background Maker

Link: Background Maker

6 Background Dotter

Background Dotter

Link: Background Dotter

7 Bg Patterns

Bg Patterns

Link: Bg Patterns

Hope this post with some of the best websites with background patterns is useful to you in some way, now or who knows, in your next project!

Any more suggestions to add to the list?

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PS - I’ve added another category to my Resources Page for easy access to these patterns.

EDIT - Added 2 more Pattern Generators that I’ve found via Weblog Netzgeschaedigt.


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